Happy New Year (2019)

Here we are people. 2018 was so tremendous that we can’t imagine it getting better in 2019. But a little birdie tells me that life only goes one direction; forward. I took a month long break from NYC to spend time with my family and it filled me up to the point of being ready for this whole year. Recently, I have felt so locked into the universe and I get to witness, every day, how beautiful life is. It is so well-balanced, full and clear that I see everything that I could ever want and it is up to me to go and get it.

Today, that mentality wakes me up and gives me the drive to get the best out of every day, regardless of the outside circumstances. Everyone is trying to make it, just like me, and as I close my eyes every night, I am reminded that I ACTUALLY DID MAKE IT. And I dive asleep and prepare for the great dreams that are to come before I get to try it all again.

This is a year of independence for me and at the same time, it is a year of learning how to love people more and accept love. These lessons that I’m learning in my personal life are making me a better actor, creator and business person as well; funny how life is cyclical. I am so excited for not only this year, but this morning and every little moment that awaits me. I have found my love for life and that keeps me limitless.

Let’s see what happens next…

Happy Holidays

Welp…the holidays are upon us and regardless of what you celebrate, t’is the season to come see me in A Christmas Carol in Harlem. This is an adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic so that you young kids can relate.  Rehearsals have begun and I am so excited to be learning from my cast and creatives. If you’re in NY for this short 14-show run, come check it out. If you are coming in from out of town, get at me so I can find you a place to stay…maybe.

Details are below.


Penn State’s Showcase

As we change another season of this 2018 year, I thought it would be nice to look back at a big piece of the puzzle that got me to where I am right now. This was the last performance that I had with my Class of ’17 Penn State actors and a key into the New York rooms that I get to work in now. Click the link below and enjoy.

P.S. One of the scenes is from a show that I am creating as you watch it.

Brandon Gregory’s Penn State Showcase ’17

East Coast is the Beast Coast

(Clears Throat) I have some news for the crew…I am no longer bi-coastal( but still bi-racial, don’t worry). I am now a full-time New Yorker. You can find me in Queens if you are ever in the city.

I have decided that the next step requires me to re-focus my energy toward a lifestyle that aids in obtaining my ultimate goals in life. Being bi-coastal puts a strain on many aspects of my life and right now I need to have all of my energy in one place. That place will be on the East coast from here on out and I am excited to see where this new lifestyle change will take me.

2018 has been a tough one but I have learned so much about myself and feel stronger than ever now. All of my relationships are developing in ways I would have never imagined and its only getting better. Lets finish out the year strong. I am sure that Master P would agree; There are No Limits.

Stay Tuned…

On to the next…

What it do y’all? Checking in from the great city of angels. Last year ended on a high note: right in time for me to take a major break. I received my Masters degree. I showcased not only my acting but also my writing in front of New York City talent agents, managers, and casting directors. It was an out of this world experience to hear the public enjoying my thoughts and words. I met with a few of them afterwards and I enjoyed getting to know them and picking their brains.

Then I headed back to Pennsylvania as the snow began to take over the big apple. I packed up a trailer the next day (as my classmates walked across the stage) and headed down to South Carolina to spend time with my family before I drove across the country. I floated between a few different cities for a couple of weeks to see friends and when my partner, Pam, arrived on the east coast, I scooped her and we began our travels on New Years Day.

We took our time and saw some of her friends in Dallas, experienced new cultures as we stopped in both New Mexico and Arizona and googling the whole way to make sure that we understood a little bit of what the history was of each unique place that we were traveling through. 5 days later, we pulled up to our garage in California, exhausted and happy to unpack. For 22 days, I drove through 16 states and rarely slept in the same bed twice. I am grateful for being able to rest in a bed at all, but the constant change is draining.

As I spend this week building my closet and organizing my new home in Cali, I have bitter sweet feelings about next week. “Why” you ask? Because, the response was so great in NY, that I will be flying back there to explore all of my options there. This is a huge change in plans for me but I do believe this is the best move. I do not know what this means for my future but I am trying not to look too far ahead and just focus on what is happening right now. So as of now, LA is still on hold. On to the next…whatever that may be.


Rounding Third

As I count down my final month here in State College, PA, I find myself doing nothing but preparing to be in the world again. It is very easy to be away from all your friends and family and forget how to function in the “real” world. But I look forward to the transition.

I am solidifying my own acting process so that I can start testing it in January. I just cut my locs off and took new headshots. (Pictures soon to come.)Getting the business side of my craft together to hit the ground running. I am also paying rent in 2 cities right now (not fun either) as I have already signed my new lease in the next place that I am living. (Details soon to come.) Be patient. Sheesh.

All in all. I am excited and gearing up to finish this spectacular step in my life. I have met so many people, some of which I will miss dearly and some of which I am glad to leave, but I can say that I have learned a little bit more about myself from all of them and for that, I am forever grateful.

We have our Showcase in NYC on December 11th, 2017 which will be open to the public. So if you are in town that week, take a look at our website and come check us out.

Penn State Showcase

P.S. I don’t even like baseball that much. Not really sure why I used a baseball reference in the title but it felt good in the moment.

Going out with a BANG!!!

For the past month, I have been scraping the bottoms of my pots, dresser drawers and also the inner workings of me to figure out this character of Jason that I am playing in my last show at Penn State University. 2 1/2 years ago I stumbled upon this place in hopes of learning what it means to carry a story. I have failed a lot. And in that failure that I wasn’t happy with initially, I find that it is only serving me in this show. I have finally done the work and lifted the weights required to carry a story and now, I am excited to show it to the world. or really just small ass State College. For now.

But getting to this point, I only realize that the work is never done, the weights must continue to be lifted and I now get to add more weight and switch it up by working different muscles. Come see the play that opens this Friday by clicking the link below or just stay tuned for the updates as I finish this part of my journey.


Almost Done

Just finished my 2nd academic year at Penn State on my journey to deeper crafting and self discovery. It’s going well but it’s ugly. And the more I discover myself, the more comfortable I am with my ugly side. The images that I used to force upon myself aren’t always true. I am not always a tall good-looking, well-put-together, athletic, honest, sincere person like I would like to be. Sometimes it gets ugly. Sometimes I’m not the best dressed, not as open and honest as I could be, I walk with my head down, I have thoughts that would never be acceptable to others. This is not wrong. It is human and I believe I have neglected that portion of my life because of my effort to be so perfect all the time. This desire to be perfect may have pushed me to incredible heights, but it also forced me to never deal with or understand the rest of me. As I have begun to dig into that side of myself, I have found more blood in my acting.

Adding the blood to the technique that I am learning, I am developing my process more and more and am very excited to get back into the game and test my skills. I am in the process of preparing myself for exit and re-entry. I am keeping where I will be moving under wraps for now just to keep the suspense high but don’t worry, I will reveal at the right time.

In less than 6 hours, I will take my second trip to Africa and my 1st to South Africa to put on a play at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. The play has taken everything out of me as the process has been short and scary, but I have found my determination to understand character has driven me to explore new depths of my acting. Learning about being open and collaborating and speaking up and doing the work is only paying off in ways that don’t make sense to me all the time, but I try to take a break from the work to recognize progress for my own motivation. Taking all of that, and going to show off my craft, my truth and definitely looking to find out about a part of me that isn’t in too many of my books that I grew up reading. Updates soon…Enjoy the summer.

First Shakespeare Play

So after years and years of hearing this guy’s name in the world and not really understanding the context, I finally get an opportunity to try on some new clothes and see how they fit. I studied in London this past summer and have a pretty intensive curriculum this semester that seems to lead back to William Shakespeare. This was hard for me because I am usually anti-everything. But I have to remember that while I am choosing to act, I might as well get comfortable with things that I’m not comfortable with.

With a tough audition and my new knowledge of the playwright, I have been cast as Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night. We begin rehearsals this coming Monday with the show going up in mid-November to early-December and I am really excited to start applying my learning to some text. This should be challenging but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Come check it out if you can and if not…then send your love. 

The details are on the website below.


1 Year Down!!!

I have just finished the longest year of my life. Here at Penn State’s MFA Acting program, I am being challenged in so many different ways; it takes up my entire being to be here. Which means that there isn’t much time to just chill. I am constantly negotiating with myself and renegotiating when that goes astray. My craft is becoming more personal, my person is become more aware and willing, my willingness is sky rocketing…and up here in the clouds…I have found something. Something new. Something that I have never even thought about before. Something that I didn’t know existed. There is no word for it because words belong to this earth, and when you look around and earth isn’t even in your vision anymore, you stop trying to identify it. So I won’t. I will just tell you that it is real. There is something out there that you have never heard of before or thought of and it is attainable. That you can leave your comfort zone. For a minute, an hour or even the rest of your life and you will still survive, if not thrive.

I traveled to many countries in Europe and Africa this summer and studied in London with and because of my program at Penn State to which I am thoroughly appreciative. I saw, experienced, and learned about new cultures and ways of life that I never new about first hand. Some were mind blowing and some I could have guessed all the way from Stone Mountain, GA but I loved the journey that I took. The biggest thing that I learned while away was that as far as you want to go, you can go. As much as you want to travel the world and get more “stamps” in your passport, you can. You will meet people that you hate, love and be indifferent to. Some would call this being more “cultured.” Maybe you get off on calling yourself a “world traveler” to your friends like I did. But what I found is that I could touch down on every continent in the world, but if I had nothing to bring to it, I was missing fifty percent of my purpose. That told me, that as much as I was exploring the world, I couldn’t stop exploring myself. My own past. My family. Where I come from and who. What I believe in and don’t. What is still in me and what I gladly decided to omit. The weird quirks that I hate about my mom, that I have found that I have too. And I am starting to accept them as a part of me and also love them. Because all of the things that I tried to disassociate myself with from my past, are actually the things that helped make me into this guy today.

This year has been the “Year of Me” (ummm. that’s kind of lame…OR…is it the title of my next book. ha) But I am excited for this next semester that starts in less than a week with this new perspective and I can’t wait for what is to come.

Look out world, here comes me. All of ME!!

P.S. There were many more things I learned but we can talk about that later. This was my overall conclusion. Sheesh. Give me a break, my fingers are hurting.