Going to Cannes this year…

I had the privilege to work with some amazing guys and gals on a short film last year called “At Ease.” I had a great time on set, the crew was professional and passionate and the cast and director pushed me in my work every day in a small town in South Carolina. It was all that I could ask for until I found out today that the film will make its World Premiere in this year’s Cannes Film Festival in France. I get to France 8 days after it shows, so I will miss it, but I am extremely honored to be a part of this project.

For more information on the film please visit the “At Ease” Facebook page and see the trailer by clicking the link below.


Next up…heading to Europe and Africa for some traveling and summer school in London…

Stay Tuned…

Growing My HAIR

This April will be my first participation in a musical…EVER. And I’m geeked!!! Never thought I would ever be singing on stage with such talent as the Musical Theatre department here at Penn State. I am honored and ready to meet their incomparable expectations of me.

Being the only MFA actor in the cast, I am prepared to hold my own but please believe that I am eager to learn from these MT majors, not to mention the director, musical director, and choreographer. I am up late trying to prepare right now for my first rehearsal in 14 hours because I don’t want to look like I don’t know what I’m doing…well, they will find out soon enough.

HAIR opens on April 1st and runs for 10 shows. If you get a chance, make your way to central Pennsylvania and see it.


STAY TUNED…( I am growing out my HAIR, all of it.)

One Semester Down!!!

2015 was so incredible. From auditioning for some of the top schools in the world. To traveling around the world. Meeting some people that have contributed to my growth as a person and that growth allowing me to sustain relationships and realize when to keep my distance. And then ending up in a graduate program at Penn State where I can completely focus on me. I guess I am disguising it as “getting a Masters of Fine Arts degree,” and I am actually working on my craft diligently, but the experience here in its entirety is doing wonders for me. Sometimes you have to leave what you know, jump off the cliff, not really knowing if you have it in you to make it to the other side or if that other side is even better than what you left. But I can honestly say that I don’t care about the other side right now. I am just enjoying being in the air. Mid-flight. Feeling the wind hit my face and the feeling in my stomach when there is nothing under your feet.

My first semester is done. I am so happy for it. Glad it is over and kind of scared for the semester that starts tomorrow because I learned so much about myself since last August, I’m thinking, ” is there more to learn?”…But of course there is. I can’t believe it, but the growth doesn’t stop. I definitely feel the change when I went on my break back to my family and friends. I felt like I didn’t recognize people… and I liked it. SO this semester I am going to keep learning and growing. Digging deeper into my past. Fueling my inner self to get to places I could have never imagined and make those places real. See you in the summer. This Pennsylvania winter is for real. Going into hibernation.

…Stay tuned and I hope you all are growing at your own pace. No one cares about you more than you. (That kind of sounded like a motivational speech) HaHa.

Learning how to act…kind of.

I have now been in central Pennsylvania for a month and a half and I must say that I never knew I could learn so much about myself, and so quickly. This has been an experience that could have never been imagined and I am living it fully. I have been introduced to hard working actors in my class of 6 which keeps the contact work very intimate and personal. Not only does this work for me in class, to become a better actor, but I have been challenged by my peers, professors, and myself both indirectly and directly, to explore myself; and through this exploration, I am finding a much needed amount of uncomfortableness. I have found in my short 6 weeks here, that me being uncomfortable are the places in my life that I decided a long time ago to ignore. This includes my family, the people I thought were my friends, my beliefs in religion, education and relationships. In turn, I have actually just been ignoring myself and not allowing myself to feel. I decided a long time ago that I would be smarter than any and everyone and if I was more intellectual than you, I didn’t have to respect you. If I didn’t respect you, you couldn’t hurt me. This way of thinking did help me to not be hurt, but adversely, blocked me from loving or being able to accept love.

I am finding that for me to be an honest actor, I must be an honest person and be open to not only love, but any emotion. I finally have the time and safe space to experiment with my true self. I am excited for not only the next 3 years of growth, but more immediately, tomorrow. I am going to be so different tomorrow and I am okay with that. In fact, I hope for it.

Stay tuned…as this journey is going to get crazy. Hold on tight.

PS. Latest movie is on BET October 7th at 11am. Didn’t even know that. lol.

Last Week to See Me Perform at Whole World Theatre

This Thursday at 8pm and Friday at 9pm are the last 2 chances to see me on stage before I head off to get my Masters in Acting.

Visit www.wholeworldtheatre.com for tix. Thursday is ladies night and student night. Ladies are free before 7:30pm and students are just 5 bucks. Or come on my very last night on Friday and prepare to massage your cheeks after the laughter. I’m going to miss my theatre so bad but I’m ready to go out with a BANG.

“Holla at a playa when you see me on the street trick..”


Pennsylvania State University

OOOOKay… So its finally time to move out of Georgia. It has been a good long stint but the world is calling me. I will be putting my career aside to put my career first. August 17th 2015 will be my first day at Penn State University. I will be studying to get my Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre with a concentration in Acting. This will consume the next 3 years of my life and fortunately, this adventure is fully funded by the university. (and I thought I hated school.) I will try to keep updates going on this site, but I have no clue how tedious the contact schedule will be until I’m in it. So I’m not making any promises. I’d like to thank all of my supporters and…wait, this isn’t my acceptance speech.

See Ya

Home Depot

Happy New Year. I am so excited for today. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring so I am working my butt off and enjoying every second of it right now. I was fortunate to start my year off with a nice Home Depot walking teleprompter gig that wrapped last night. It was hard work, but I love being challenged. So thankful to get to work with directors and crews that enjoy being on set and who understand the extremely complicated art form that takes so many moving pieces.

I am also prepping something huge in the works right now so please

…stay tuned…


I have been learning so much about improv from my two coaches at Whole World Improv Theatre in my last year and a half there. I don’t even know how to thank them enough for making me a better actor. But Grant Bojarski and Eric Goins have been really patient with me and very careful with my development and I am so grateful for every opportunity to learn on that stage. The even better news, is that now I have an opportunity to grow further. I have been invited in to the apprentice level of the theatre, which allows me to perform on Fridays and Saturdays along with my usual Thursday night shows. I can’t wait to play with the real professionals in the Main Stage Cast. AND MY FIRST SHOW IS TOMORROW NIGHT. FRIDAY. 10/24/2014. Come out and see me or just come any day and see great improv. I believe we are taking “funny” to a whole new level. Visit www.wholeworldtheatre.com for details about shows.


…See ya soon…

College Football Commercial

Check out part 1 of my latest commercial. Now airing on the New SEC Network from ESPN. (Directed by Matt Clement.)Just click the link below and enjoy…

College Football Hall of Fame Commercial

Kind of unsure about why I am in the air…lol. “Put Me Down!!”

Store Brand Meds Commercial

So I just found a commercial I did last year on the internet for Store Brand Meds. I had a blast working with the talented Marquita Goings and it was a nice quick shoot. Check it out on YouTube by clicking the link below.

Store Brand Meds

.Stay Tuned…